The Genesis of ASHRAE Deccan Chapter - by Mr. A Ramachandar Raju
The South Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka were serviced for a long time by ASHRAE South India Chapter based out of Bangalore .

Mr. BBN Prasad, an active and senior member of ASHRAE and based at Hyderabad was closely involved in the activities of ASHRAE South India Chapter, serving on BOG of the chapter and also as Chair-Research Promotion. Involvement of members from Hyderabad in South India chapter activities was very limited and they were not getting benefited much , due to geographical distance of 575 km from Bangalore. Mr. BBN Prasad, then took the initiative of consulting with members from Hyderabad, manufacturing companies, HVAC consultants, contractors, traders and end users ,who jointly felt that a separate chapter at Hyderabad would benefit the local HVAC industry and ASHRAE members for sharing of knowledge, net working, etc.
Mr. B.B.N. Prasad discussed the matter with Mr. T.N. Gurumurthy, President of ASHRAE South India Chapter, Mr. Pankaj Shah, Mr. Prasanna Kumar, Mr. G. Ramesh Kumar and other BOG members and persuaded them with the need for formation of a separate chapter in Hyderabad. All of them readily agreed with the idea in priciciple and now it was left to Mr BBN Prasad to spearhead the action plan.

Subsequently, he had consultations with senior members in the region including Mr. R. Murali, Mr. N.S. Chandrashekar, Mr Vijayraghavan, Mr TejveerSingh, Mr Sandeep Galhotra, Mr Leela Prasad , Mr. Ramchandar Raju, Mr Chakradhar, Mr Satish and others and started enrolling of new members with great vigor. To their delight, the members strength swelled to 53 in no time, crossing the threshold limit of 40 members stipulated by ASHRAE to be eligible for being a chapter. The local team quickly completed paper work needed by ASHRAE and intimated readiness to start a full chapter.
Then , the day everyone was waiting finally arrived. Ms. Lynn Bellenger , President, ASHRAE on a tour to India took some time out to charter ASHRAE Deccan Chapter on 23rd February 2011 in an august gathering of ASHRAE and ISHRAE members , industry stalwarts, consultants and traders. Hyderabad Chapter members were really privileged to have ASHRAE President on this memorable occasion and charter the chapter. Mr. B.B.N. Prasad was a natural choice founding president of ASHRAE Deccan Chapter, considering the pains he took to set it up and the vision he had for the chapter.

Daikin , one of the global leaders in HVAC industry, was the key sponsor of the event and made presentation on Air Cooled and Water Cooled Chillers manufactured by them in India which was received well by the gathering.

Mr. B.B.N. Prasad and his BOG members continued for the year 2011-12 too and did commendable job of setting up the chapter infrastructure and roll out the plans .

The team opened chapter Library for the benefit of ASHRAE Members and financially made society to be on its own and shown path to how successfully society can be taken forward.
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